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Fibrwrap Lebanon: Buildings

When involved in the rehabilitation or structural upgrade of an old structure or the construction of a new building, FIBRWRAP® comes with a value-engineered approach to provide cost effective solutions to owners, architects and structural designers.

Building owners are presented with challenges such as structural strengthening, rehabilitation, seismic retrofit and upgrade, change of use, additional loading and general repair of their properties.

Fibrwrap’s presence in the market dates back to 1988. Fibrwrap uses the Fibrwrap Rehabilitation Systems (FRS®) which are engineered, specified and installed to solve a host of structural deficiencies or demands in existing buildings.

All structural elements of a building (beams, columns, slabs, walls) can be repaired or upgraded to the building owner specific needs in a small time period enabling the owner to use part of the building during the works.

Additionally the owner is able to accommodate architectural requirements since the alteration of the cross section of structural elements is minimal.

The FRS® are used in all types of buildings such as municipal, private, residential and commercial.

The scope or the use of these systems is to increase the strength of existing columns, beams, slabs, walls and connections. They cover the need for seismic retrofit, strengthening due to corrosion, historical-structural preservation, added loads, change of use (e.g. commercial-to-residential, removal of bays and addition of new openings), or in some cases, the correction of an existing defect due to a construction or design error. These buildings can be occupied or un-occupied at the time of retrofit.

Additionally, Fibrwrap can provide fire protection of the composite application through implementation of its advanced fire protection materials, offering up to 4-hour rating and also systems for flame and smoke spread rating.

Finally, the FRS® can be finished to match or have aesthetic continuity with existing elements on exposed structural elements.


  • Rehabilitation of corroded or distressed members in order to restore lost capacity.
  • Structural upgrades to improve the load-bearing capacity of a building. Additional shear and flexural capacity can be added to beams, columns, slabs and walls.
  • Seismic retrofit of structural components and seismic upgrade for the improvement of the seismic behavior of buildings.
  • Change of use in buildings which results in increased demands for strengthening.
  • Preservation of historic buildings with a variety of materials which can be used to repair/strengthen the historic structures while preserving their appearance.
  • Restoration to the design strength level of buildings where construction errors have resulted in structural deficiencies (missing or misplaced rebars, low concrete strength, or inadequate concrete cover)
  • Column, beam, slab and wall to increase shear strength, flexural strength, ductility and improve confinement.
  • Stabilize and strengthen masonry and ceiling. Also can provide a lightweight, low profile rehabilitation system for balconies.
  • All structural elements of a building can be repaired or upgraded to the building owner’s specific needs in the smallest time period, allowing the building and its people to function before, during and after the upgrade procedure.
  • Thoroughly tested at independent laboratories
  • Cost effective
  • Extends the service life of existing structures
  • Significantly lowers the corrosion rate when confining existing members
  • Prevents the onset of corrosion when applied to new structural elements
  • Can be used on circular, square, rectangular, hexagonal, flared and odd-shaped cross sections with negligible shape and size modifications
  • Can be used to repair/strengthen historic structures while preserving their original appearance
  • Extensive experience in the whole range of building projects (existing, new)
  • Fibrwrap personnel in close collaboration with owners, architects, designers or contractors, in search for the most suitable, customized and cost-effective solution
  • Exclusive use of FRS® to cover any need for structural strengthening, rehabilitation, seismic retrofit interventions, upgrade, change of use or repairs in existing buildings.
  • Minimum possible disturbance during works in progress, contributing to the continuity of the regular everyday function of the building
  • Fire protection technology

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