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Fibrwrap Lebanon: Transportation Infrastructures

Transportation infrastructure authorities worldwide are facing a huge challenge every day trying to maintain, upgrade to modern day needs, and prolong the life of existing structures.

Fibrwrap Rehabilitation Systems (FRS®) are implemented in transportation infrastructure projects (bridges, tunnels, viaducts etc.) throughout the world since 1988.

Fibrwrap provides, through the implementation of TRS®, the ability to rehabilitate, repair, seismically upgrade and enhance the structural capacity of existing structures (bridges, viaducts, tunnels, retaining walls). Also, it completely satisfies the demands for structural preservation, corrosion related repair and rehabilitation, additional loading, and environmental protection.

Apart from satisfying a wide range of requirements and demands, the client also benefits due to the fact that all applications can be carried out with minimum disturbance to traffic and normal every day procedures.

The FRS® can be used to enhance the structural capacity of column, girders, piers and decks of existing transportation structures, hence covering the requirements for additional strength, repair, and rehabilitation.

Fibrwrap carried out the first composite retrofit of bridge columns in the United States. This was possible because in the 1980’s, the very first research program conducted on the FRS® was on bridge columns for added strength and confinement. These tests were quite successful and they led to the development of design procedures for various structural elements such as columns, beams/pier caps, walls, slabs/soffits and beam-column connections.

Significant advantages of the FRS® include: rehabilitation of corroded or distressed members, prolongation of service life, seismic retrofit of structures, increased load capacity, emergency repairs, minimum disruption of operational status (traffic) and architecturally-friendly solutions for aesthetics of structures.


  • Rehabilitation of corroded or distressed members to restore lost capacity.
  • Structural upgrades to improve load-carrying mechanisms. Additional shear and flexural capacity can be added to beams, columns, slabs, and walls of any transportation construction (bridge, tunnel, etc.)
  • Seismic retrofit and upgrade aiming to improve the seismic structural behavior.
  • Preservation of historic structures, such as arch bridges, with a variety of materials that can be used to repair and strengthen while preserving their appearance.
  • Emergency repairs.
  • Design and/or construction error remediation
  • Column, beam, slab, and wall applications to increase shear strength, flexural strength, ductility and to improved confinement where needed.
  • Increase of shear and moment strength of beam to column connections.
  • All structural elements (beams, columns, slabs, walls, etc.) can be repaired or upgraded with minimum disturbance to traffic and normal every day operations.
  • Thoroughly tested at independent laboratories
  • Provide cost- and time-effective solutions
  • Extends the service life of existing structures
  • Significantly lowers the corrosion rate when confining existing members
  • Prevents the onset of corrosion when applied to new structural elements
  • Can be used on circular, square, rectangular, hexagonal, flared and alternative-shaped cross sections with negligible shape and size modifications
  • Can be used to repair/strengthen historic structures while preserving their original appearance
  • Successful applications since 1988
  • Short application time required
  • Rehabilitation of corroded or distressed members
  • Prolongation of the service life expectancy of the structures
  • Fast emergency repair of the damaged sections
  • Architecturally friendly solutions that do not affect the aesthetics of structures

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